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Let the fun begin!
 M-40 Paintball is the only indoor/outdoor paintball facility in Holland. The indoor play field is 16,000 square feet of industrial building divided into a series of large rooms and corridors with barrels, pallets, half size and full height partitions. The games and facility is monitored by a referree during game play. The outdoor field is a 2.5 acre course, divided into a series of 55-gallon barrel bunkers, limousines, boats and a school bus.  The outdoor field is illuminated in the evening.
 10-50 people can enjoy a 3-hour event of electrifying action guaranteed to satisfy the wildness within us. You'll be outfitted with a full face mask, goggles, semi-automatic gun, and 100 paintballs.

Private groups must have 10 or more people and must be at least 10 yrs or older.

Open play is Friday nights 6-10pm. Cost is $30 per person and includes unlimited Co2 or compressed air fills.

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Find out why so many youth groups, bachelor parties, company parties and groups from all levels of business and organizations are regularly gunning for great times year 'round!
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